Welcome to Small Freedoms!

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!

The weight of motherhood can be HEAVY at times. It’s the shift that never ends, and the demands are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It’s a lot. But, it doesn’t have to leave you depleted.

Small Freedoms is about letting go of anxiety, control, striving for perfection, ‘shoulds,’ and the values placed on us as women and mothers. Each Small Freedom is an invitation to a small shift in perspective or practice to lean more deeply into the life you want, a life of presence over distraction, contentment over comparison, peace over perfection, faith over fear, and joy over guilt and regret.

Who I am today, is drastically different from who I was when I first became a mom. From a surprise pregnancy, to being a working mom, to ultimately becoming a stay-at-home mom of two under three, this experience has changed me deeply. As someone already prone to anxiety, I spent the first few years of motherhood searching for ways to fix and control the chaos and uncertainty that comes with the role. I thought, ‘maybe if I could get to work earlier, or clean my house on a schedule, or had structured and planned activities for every day, then it would be easier.’ I read all the books. I read all the blogs. I tried schedules, rules, routines, and habits…you name it, I tried it. The only thing I accomplished was wounded relationships, more anxiety, mounting guilt, and a total disconnect from my heart.

Then I realized that my life is happening NOW. There isn’t going to be a do-over. And, who I was, was not the person I wanted to be–anxious, controlling, distracted, insecure, resentful, and guilty. I needed to make some changes. I wasn’t sure where to start, but nothing changes if nothing changes. I couldn’t just want to be different. I needed to take real action. So, I started small, and it turns out, small shifts affect big changes.

These Small Freedoms are the small shifts I made (and continue to make) along the way to find freedom from the things that held me back. These Small Freedoms allow me to reconnect with myself, my faith, my family, and my life.

We make so many choices every day. Each Small Freedom is a choice. May the choices you make today lead to a life of more connection, more meaning, and more freedom, and may you never look back on these years of beautiful chaos with any regret. That is my hope in sharing Small Freedoms.

Finally, I must say that all of these Small Freedoms have been born of my faith in Jesus, a faith I have not always known, but one that I can not deny and can no longer live without. Any freedom I have found has first been found in Him.

Thank you for being here! May you find some freedom here.


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